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5 Tips to Keep Your Watch in Pristine Condition

Keeping your watch looking it’s best will not only help your watch to last longer, but you can also feel confident that you and your watch look your best every time you put it on! Here are 5 tips to making sure your watch stays pristine:

1. Never open your watch by yourself.

The only time your watch should be opened is by a professional watchmaker, dust, dirt and other particles can get inside causing problems.

2. Avoid contact with chemicals.

Oils, cleaning supplies and cologne all should be kept away from your watch. Cologne especially can damage the leather band on your watch so It is best to make sure that after spraying cologne that it is completely dry before putting it on. A good rule of thumb when getting ready is to put your watch on last, right before your jacket. Also avoid harsh cleaning chemicals, the simpler the better.

3. Avoid extended exposure to sunlight.

Heat can shorten the battery life of your watch and sunlight can fade the colour on your watch.

4. Store your watch in your carrying case when not wearing it

Not only will you always know where to find your watch but this will also greatly reduce the risk of scratching your watch.

5. Avoid Magnets

Placing your watch close to a magnet can negatively affect the timekeeping of your watch.


By taking the proper steps to make sure your watch avoids contact and exposure to elements that will cause harm, it will ensure that your watch will look it’s best and stand the test of time.

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