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Why The Rum Runner is the perfect holiday gift idea.

If you are looking for a great gift for your father, brother, or partner, here are 3 reasons why The Rum Runner is the perfect gift idea.

1. Watches are a practical gift.

Watches can be worn almost anywhere for any occasion. Also, as the world continues to become more and more obsessed with electronics and screens, people will always appreciate watches as a classic timepiece. Not only is it unprofessional to constantly be on your phone checking the time, it's inconvenient to be digging through pockets looking for a phone when you could just look at your wrist to check the time.

Man wearing suit with a luxury watch on his wrist.
The Rum Runner

2. Watches make a statement through style.

Men don't have very many options when it comes to accessories, so they have limited ways to express their personal style. A watch is the perfect way to make a statement and express yourself. The Rum Runner's unique style will make any outfit look more put together and professional. It makes a statement that you mean business and have places to be. It's high quality, timeless design also means that it will last a lifetime and never go out of style so you can wear it for years.

3. The Rum Runner is more than just a watch.

The Rum Runner is not only a luxury watch, it tells a story. Border City Style started as a passion project, and with a love for watches and local history The Rum Runner was born. Now with every purchase of our watch, you can become a Rum Runner for life and continue telling the story of prohibition. So don't just buy a watch this holiday season, invest in a practical, stylish gift and become part of a story.

To buy your Rum Runner watch click here.

Happy Holidays!

The Rum Runner watch.

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